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About John

John Ellington

Wando High School
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Clemson University
Biological Sciences, B.S.

University of Georgia
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

John Ellington hopes to be living, authentic proof to his readers that dreams are worth chasing, no matter how outlandish or unrealistic. As a practicing veterinarian with a background in biology, John is not your prototypical author. He has no formal training in literature or publishing. His career subjects him to calculating drug doses and peering through the lenses of microscopes. However, since a young age the creative side of his brain has been unsatisfied by science alone.


He spends his free time exploring nature and writing songs. One particular dream of his was always to craft a story that would be worth sharing. His first novel, "Whispering Winds of Appalachia", is an expression of his innermost thoughts and feelings and was fully inspired by his hopelessly romantic spirit. There is more to the world around us than purely what meets our eyes, and he hopes his readers can not only sense that but feel it in the depths of their souls.


During veterinary school and the following few years Ellington explored creeks in the Appalachian Mountains searching for trout and other evidence of the soft hand God uses to paint nature. At the age of 29, around the time he completed his first novel, a major life change led to him moving from South Carolina to Montana, where he currently resides. He continues to practice veterinary medicine and uses his time away from medicine to fly fish, hunt, and snow ski. His Beagle, Milly, is the current love of his life and accompanies him on all adventures that allow a furry companion.

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