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John P. Ellington

New Release

Whispering Winds of Appalachia (2024)

An atmospheric debut set in Southern Appalachia, about lifelong friendships, class differences, terrible mistakes, and the dazzling beauty of unspoiled nature.

Nestled between the smoky, rolling peaks of Southern Appalachia lies the town of Brevard, North Carolina. When Chris Avery’s family moves to Brevard in the early 1970s, Chris quickly becomes immersed in a world untouched by the mire of life outside the mountains.

As a young boy, Chris meets the son of the struggling dairy farmer next door, Walker Davis, and Walker’s best friend, Brook Palmer. The three of them become as bonded to each other as they are to the vibrant world in which their lives unfold, spending the formative years of their childhood wandering in the woods chasing waterfalls and brook trout. However, they soon find out that life isn’t always so simple.

What once seemed like Heaven is hopelessly ripped apart at the seams when one of the characters commits an irrevocable mistake that challenges friendship, love, and Chris’s understanding of even himself. Grasping at straws of a fractured past, Chris is forced to pit his conscience against the people he loves, all while listening to the subtle, haunting voices laced in the wind.

Fans of heartfelt literary fiction will experience the agony of irreversible choices and the consequences we must all face, set against the Appalachian peaks towering over small, forgotten mountain towns.

Whispering Winds of Appalachia

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Reader's Favorite 5 Star

There are many wonderful elements that make Whispering Winds of
Appalachia by John Ellington a truly engrossing work of literary
fiction, but the standout is his ability to provide almost cinematic
sensory descriptions of both Appalachia and the depth of the
characters' emotions.

"Very highly recommended." - Jamie Michele, Readers' Favorite

Praise & Reviews

The magnificent mountain landscape and the town’s
stillness are adeptly juxtaposed with the events that arise toward
the end of the novel. The story’s conclusion is unexpected and
moving. Whispering Winds of Appalachia by John Ellington is an
exemplary novel rich in incredible characters and set against a
beautiful backdrop that envelopes its characters’ lives.

"...the story’s atmospheric
setting comes to life," - Edith Wairimu, Readers' Favorite

Author John Ellington has crafted an emotionally resonant work that
builds with all the slow-burning charm of a literary titan into a
gorgeous exploration of interpersonal relationships and how we see
ourselves in the light of the actions of ourselves and others.

"I would not hesitate to recommend Whispering Winds
of Appalachia for fans of accomplished literary fiction everywhere."  - K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite


About John Ellington

John Ellington is an avid fly fisherman with a hopelessly romantic and adventurous soul. His rich spiritual connection with nature inspires him to share his appreciation for the world with his readers. He supports his hobbies with his career as a veterinarian.

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